A Wide Range of Strategies

The investment strategy we implement for you will be designed around your objectives, resources, and risk tolerance. We offer a wide range of strategies ranging from pure income generation to aggressive growth with tax-efficient sectors.   

Income Non-Sector Low Risk Non-Sector Low Risk Non-Sector Low Risk Non-Sector Low Risk more
Medium Risk
Income With Growth Low Risk Low Risk Medium-Low Risk Medium-Low Risk Medium-High Risk Medium-High Risk Quantitative Sector Quantitative Sector
Aggressive G&I Aggressive G&I

Tax-Efficient Sector Strategy
Tax-Efficient Sector Strategy The Tax-Efficient Sector Strategy seeks long-term growth by normally investing 100% in funds from Fidelity’s Select family. It will usually hold a combination of 5-10 sector funds, with a typical weighting range of 10-30% for each position. We attempt to invest in industry groups that may benefit from long-term changes in the economy, and in areas that benefit most from Fidelity research. Such sectors are identified through the study of long-term trends, valuation levels, other fundamentals, and by comparing fund performance and risk to underlying benchmarks.

To achieve a higher level of tax efficiency, we attempt to hold profitable positions long enough to qualify for long-term capital gains treatment. Less often, we may sell losing positions and move to a substitute sector if an opportunity exists to book a short-term loss with minimum risk of a wash sale.  

Number of Funds Held: 5 - 10
Relative Volatility: 1.00 - 1.40

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