The Performance of Fidelity Mutual Funds
The Selection Skills of Jack Bowers

Navigating today’s financial markets on your own is no small task. It takes time to do the research. It takes discipline to stick with a strategy. And it takes a clear understanding of economic trends in order to find the right opportunities.

That’s why we’re here. When you hire us to look after your portfolio, we take care of all the important things. Doing the analysis. Managing the risks. Making the trades. Reporting on performance. And keeping records.

At Bowers Wealth Management, there is no call center or classification of customers. We take your phone calls the old-fashioned way, and you have full access to everyone on our staff. It’s our job to address any concerns you have about your portfolio, and we take it seriously.

As an independent, fee-based advisor, we put your interests first. Our only objective is to manage your portfolio in a manner that’s consistent with your goals and your risk tolerance – using no-load mutual funds.


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